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Description of the types of roles women played in the FLN – ranging from the beginning to the end of the national liberation war.

Standing as the primary partakers on the job, the Algerian women tried to expand their role in the country through becoming the actors in implicating changes in the education of the young ones. Even though the French government did not allow or at least limit the possible ways by which the younger generation could have better access to education back then, the women served as primary noble individuals in the process of helping others learn. They made themselves available for other people they knew who needed their service. It is through this identification of the truth that they are able to find better ways to make idealisms of the FLN group realizable for the whole society to understand the matter that they are aiming to make on the larger population of their nation. Algeria was able to see the major roles that the women took responsibility of during the war years, allowing them the possible chance of realizing freedom in an earlier time thus motivating everyone to work towards the movement that they are aiming to pursue for the betterment of the whole nation. Their roles during the war could be outlined as follows:

Ø  As teachers: they stood as the pillars of hope among the young generation in learning the most basic knowledge they need to survive life after the war later on. Believably, the Algerian women decided to volunteer in assisting small community groups around Algeria to see to it that they are given the chance to learn aiding the people with the most effective arm that they need to fight the oppression that they receive from the French government.

Ø  As doctors and healthcare givers: during the war years, many were wounded, both the innocent ones and the military men needed assistance. They all needed attention and care from well knowledgeable healthcare givers. Women back then, even though they were not properly educated with regards medical proceedings, they were much more than willing to take on the challenge to serve their country men to the best that they could as they knew how much they are needed. This motivated them to work more for their people and see the importance of the matter in a manner that best contributes to the idea that everyone in the society needs to be assisted and everyone deserves to be given attention.

Ø  As Housewives: although everyone was concerned about the war situation in the country, the women never forgot to perform the primary role that they were actually expected to perform. Being mothers and housewives naturally served as the main source of understanding that women gave the hope that each individual in the Algerian society needed before so as to continue that fight that they are already on.

Ø  As combatants: weak in physical matters in comparison with the men, yes, that might be true on the basic understanding about women. However, although this is the case, the women also served as combatants during the war through their strategic use of their minds which shall be further discussed in the section that follows.

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Examination of the FLN (ideologies and praxis)

The major ideologies that FLN has been founded upon is based on the call of the Algerian higher class to the French government as to the manner by which they are treated by the government as second class individuals who could not even get to a decent education. The Algerians knew that as native residents of the country, they, among all the other residents of the country are the most rightful receivers of services of the government especially that of education and health. The people of Algeria were then motivated by the FLN to see to it that they are given rightful access to their rights as humans and as major occupants of the country, they should be given the rightful attention as the population to whom the French people owe their existence in the country. And since the situation has not changed, the FLN organization made its move towards assuring that everything is changed. As the group called for the changes, everyone, men and women were welcomed to join the group so as to make the stand of the organization stronger and more effective in demanding freedom from the French invasion.

The Algerian resentment of the French government grew even stronger demanding the people to work together with FLN thus involving the different individuals to work with the aims and the principles that the group would want to pursue for the freedom of the country. Women in this particular phase made a great implication on the role that they need to take in making a better society for their children. Through these primary praxis of indicated guidelines for the existence of the organization in the country during the war years naturally created a fine definition of the role of women in the society from then towards the years of Algerian independence.

Analysis of how and why women became involved in the FLN movement (women’s involvement in the public sphere under French colonization, focusing on education, violence and domestic responsibilities)

As obviously noted above, the reasons behind the establishment of FLN is the implication of the fact that the Algerian nationals wanted to realize the reality of education and health as well as national security as the primary elements of survival for the entire population of the country towards the new generations that would follow through. It could be observed that through this particular historical event, the role of women in the Algerian community took a great turn making a huge implication on the role of women in the said community at present. These particular changes shall be discussed in the section that follows.

The idea of empowering the youths through member organizations is a very good idea because I will know my contribution to the public policy and how this policy impacts my life. It also makes me understand which public policy affects me and which public office I will to find the services I need. Looking at the empowerment value of these organizations is one often greatest value that the young generations the so called future leaders of our country needs.

Lastly, the education value is another value which is pursued by this organization that is extremely valuable to me because I am able to get books which are being circulated by this organization and this enables me to study and understand the issue that affects day to day life. The guidebook provided by this organization is no doubt one of the best books that should be considered by many young and old in making decisions in relations to the political government they should have.

The organizations focuses on educating, empowering, energizing the public. This is because you cannot energize, empower a person who does not know his rights or what he wants from the public administration. You ought to educate a person in relations to what he expects from public policy and how his or her actions expect the public. Once this person is educated on what his public policy, what is expected of him and what is expected on his public then this person will be empowered. Empowerment is giving somebody an ability to make decisions on any activity where he is involved. At the same time, empowerment in this organization involved many youth forums volunteered my many organizations which ensures that the youths find necessary forums to make decisions.  Once somebody is empowered he will need to be energized. And energizing the youth is by bringing various stakeholders together to educate these young generations on various issues. Without this kind of forum this country will have failed policies because the public does not information of what is required of them.

Looking at this organization, one will be persuaded to believe that the organization is not only doing good to the people of organization but also creating democratic space in the United States of America. When you look at the organizations missions’ statement, it is no doubt what the Americans require. Americans require education on public policies. They also require information on how they can impact public policy. Looking at the recent happening which could have been avoided if proper issues were dealt with at public forums. Most Americans were against the war in Iraq. However, because the organization had not taken look all over the country the people complained and they did not know where to channel their complaints, this is why they have the current financial crisis. The principle of democracy is that all members of the society have equal access to power and all members enjoy generally recognized freedom and liberties. Although this is presumed to be existing in United States of America because the people choose and replace government, the participate in political activities, there is protection of human rights and rules of law apply to all but looking critically active participation is the key question here after electing the leader what is the role? Do we give him the four years without checking his activities? This organization I believe its giving me this opportunity nolvadex to scrutinize the roles played by our leaders after we have given them power. The political detainees in the name of prisoners of war from Afghanistan and Iraq are treated in de-human which is against the basic human right which our country purports to protect then is it that our participation ends after election? The answer is no.

From the foregoing discussion, I am of the opinion that this organization is good for democracy in the United States and most of all people in America should donate to this organization to make it powerful to be able to disseminate information to the young generation. is an organization which is networking persons by offering education related to their civil rights with an aim of empowering and energizing the young generation in order for them to engage themselves in political participation in the Unites States. This organizations main aim is to ensure there is political change how things are done in the country by bringing in new people to the limelight. This organization is of value to many millennium generations. It provides information to all the members who have joined. Joining the organization only requires nothing as it is a non-governmental non-profit making organization.

This organization has many objectives and values tat are to only important to me but too many people in this country. One of the objectives is to educate the young generation about leadership and to mobilize them to be able to adopt change. The main aim in this is to ensure the young generation moves forward and there is change in the way things are done in this country. The education on how public policy affects the live of young people and how people can impact on public policy is very important.

This brings in the objective of change by the people knowing how public policy impacts on their life and how they can impact on public policy innovative solutions will come up because it involves many people as they deliberate joint issues publicly a contribution of each members becomes a innovative idea. This public forum where millennia generation deliberate are institutionalized by This improves governance in the public life. The other goal of energizing and empowering the young generation is important to me and to my youths because I will be able to participate in public issues which affect my day to day life and more so take day to day action when political leaders fail us. Through these forums created many youths are able to understand political issues and are able to make informed judgment in relations to decisions that affects their lives. These can be observed from the recent political campaigns where citizens were able to look at policies that are volunteered by various political players. With proper information from this organization the current economic condition in the United States could have been avoided because the events that led to it were political and economic policies which failed if they were brought to the table and discussed that could have been avoided. This makes the organizations more important than ever as the current and future political leaders are likely to make decisions which do not affect the United States but the world at large.

The values that are pursued by this organizations are extremely very important to me take for instance the value of energizing where people in colleges and high school come together, discuss issues  relating to the constitutions, correct views and how to create strong institutions. This improves my understanding on democracy in my country as well as it brings together students communities, entrepreneurs and political leaders together where ideas are shared./ this indeed is what America is looking for to make the voter outside there understand how he should be governed. Also to make sure that the young people in colleges get an opportunity to mix with people from the business world. This does not only open up the mind of the American world but ensures the prosperity of the country.


Motivation of students
Promotion of elaborate of discussion
An encouragement students among them and interested to learn from another
One way of help to the teachers that they need to extend much explanation about the topic

K-16 education

The kindergartens are part of the K-12 educational system. The children who are under the age of 5-6 will attend the kindergarten. It is a formal education and no grade consideration at this stage. In this level, it is more important what the children doing rather the time spent on school. The children’s interests must be noted. The high/scope learning is being used in may kindergarten schools. The learning style is interactive by employing a plan, do and review.  The teacher provides choice of activities for the children according to their age level. The activities may water table, building blocks etc. the majority of the children’s time is spent on the activity performance. K-12 is a traditional practice and reformation is started with K-16 (Kindergarten-16).

The goal of K-16 education to develop the education from Kindergarten to Four-year degree. The student able to have perfect education addressing the several factors by different authorities. The factors include state leadership, teacher quality, retention and education, data and accountability systems, curriculum development early outreach, student financial aid, graduation and post-secondary admission standards etc. the K-16 system requires ongoing organization structure by providing sufficient resources so that K-12 and higher education stakeholders combine together. The K-16 system requires improved teaching. At least 20 states in United States are started to address teacher quality issues and raised the standards for teachers.

The teacher should a form a group of students consists 4 to 6 persons. Individual tasks should be given to each person. The member of group will collect material including class books and outside material. Then the member makes reference of all material used and make a report of the given task.  On the particular day, the member supposed to give presentation in the classroom. The other members of the group and class members will see the presentation and pose questions. The member will clarify the doubts. All such information recorded by other members which is separate task of such group. The teachers of the class makes corrections and give instructions. With such literature circles the group and entire class will be benefited with advanced knowledge on the particular topic.

The students will select the material according to choice and the teacher will accept the task according to ability of student. Each member of the group will play different roles like discussion facilitator, passage picker, Illustrator, Connector, Summarizer, Vocabulary Enricher, Travel Tracer, Investigator and Figurative Language Finder. The brief analysis of every word in the task can be addressed, analyzed and able to be provided with meaningful work. After completion of presentation, the teachers evaluate in order to know that the student’s worth in the Literature Circles. The assessments include self assessment, peer assessment, observation etc. The literature circle enables the students to complete various jobs with increasing skills in questioning, vocabulary development and writing.

We should not delay providing the knowledge for too long because then we might figure out that when we were about to tell and guide the youngster about sex education he has already slipped into a particular mindset.

There has been a constant accusation that telling about sex could lead to a sexual arousal and then to sexual experimentation. But this accusation has not been supported well enough from the facts which state that actually young people who have sex education at the early age are less likely to get the unwanted results from sexual intercourse or relationship. Another thing in this whole context is that the adults i.e. parents or teachers or guardians sometimes don’t know how and when to open with their wards about sex education. To avoid this condition it is better to have an open relationship with the young people where they should be encouraged to ask healthy questions about anything. When the students gets sex education in school that don’t means that the responsibility of parents have ended for in school sex education is given in a particular block of time in a group of students. So there is a good enough chance that the concerns of your ward may not have been answered. So parents and guardians should personally look into this aspect of the upbringing of there child.

The Beliefs and Attitude that needs to be taught

The younger generation should be told about all the aspects of attitudes and beliefs that are related to sex and sexual relationship. Information about it is like two sides of coin. One tells about the risks and dangers that are associated with sexual activities. Other side says that the person that is involved in healthy and regular sex is high on activity, has a charming aura around him and maturity level increases. Both these thoughts are contradictory to each other and a child should be exposed to truths of both these sides and the final decision should be left to them. Sex and sexuality both are highly sensitive subjects, young people and sex educators can have strong views on what attitudes people should hold and could differ on what moral framework should guide people’s social behaviour – these too can sometimes seem to be at odds. Young people are very interested in the moral and cultural framework that binds sex and sexuality. They often welcome opportunities to talk about issues where people have strong views, like abortion, sex before marriage, contraception and birth control. It is important to remember that talking in a balanced way about differences in opinion does not promote one set of views over another, or mean that one agrees with a particular view. Part of exploring and understanding cultural, religious and moral views is finding out that you can agree to disagree.

If sex education is imparted effectively then young people can learn much more than just sexual intercourse. They will come to know that why people have sex, why they make love. They will get to know that in sexual relationship it is not about pleasure only it is about respecting each other, emotions, respect for the feelings of other person, how to respect his decisions. All this and many other things are involved into it. It is important that they understand how neglecting, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation of the other partner can permanently damage the relationship or psyche of the person.

From the whole of the discussion we can very well conclude that the sex education is the only way to protect the youth from unwanted and unknown side effects of sexual relationship. Hiding or running away from the child is not a way to go ahead. A healthy relationship as well as open discussion should be promoted with young people so that they know what is good for them and whole society.

Today’s American Culture or even culture worldwide is laced with sex. It is everywhere in the print media, on television, in the movies and internet. So when youth is faced with sex on a daily basis they can’t avoid the urge to experience it. It is important that they know all the aspects of it. Another point of importance is that sex education should be taught as an independent subject instead of being taught in sync with other subjects like health or personality development. The course will provide knowledge about the sexual health information and would arm them with the will and capability to make independent and strong decisions. Out of all the developed countries maximum rate of teen pregnancy is found in The United States of America and that in the society where there is sex in every form of communication. That implies that youth of USA or developed world is confused about the real message of Sex Education or they are highly ignorant about it. It is all the more important that they are told about abstinence (because that is actually morally and best way), contraception and about healthy sexual relationships. USA has the maximum approval rate from the parents and society as such for imparting the sex education but it is shocking to know that only five percent of the students receive the sex education which is the real reason for the teen pregnancy rate being really high. What they are taught is about only abstinence at home and when they get to have a sexual pleasure they don’t know what to do or how to exercise self control for sex has always been promoted as a thing not to do. It is our responsibility and in the benefit of society worldwide to impart them the knowledge and let them decide on the independent basis whether they want to have sex or not.

When to start the sex education?

To prevent the youth from taking to unprotected sexual intercourse because of being ignorant, sex education should start at the age just before the puberty and before they have started behaving in a particular way. Also another thing that needs to be taken in consideration is the understanding level of the person. Also what matters is who is imparting the sex education. It should not be the person who has got preconceived notions in his mind about sex education and not look at the mentality of the child. It might be possible that teacher might think it to be immoral and unethical to have sex before marriage but person to whom the teacher s imparting might think otherwise. Like for example child might have decided not to get married before 30 years of age but then it might not be possible to hold of the sexual urge till that much time. So teacher should not blindly impose his or her thoughts on the student but instead take a path to understand the students thought process and then answer the youngster accordingly. Teacher should leave anything personal should teach in a way most conducive to the child as a friend. Teacher’s friendly nature will encourage the child to ask him any questions. When the person is really young he should be told how a child grows to different stages of life. This basic knowledge of human body and the life cycle can be used for providing where to get nolvadex the more complex knowledge about sex.

Recent times have seen unexpected rise in unmarried teen pregnancies. It has been a raging debate for quite a time now that to prevent unwanted teenage pregnancy whether the sex education be imparted to children so that they know about its pitfalls and can have safer sex. Some parents and religious schools are against the sex education as they say that religion preaches abstinence.

What exactly sex education is?

Sex education also known as sexuality education or sex and relationships education is actually about imparting knowledge and attitude about sex, sexual identity, relationships and intimate relations.

I as a responsible person personally feel that sex education is a must as it is not only about religious angle of abstinence but also that the morality of today’s youth is under scanner and the immediate threat of sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS sex education has become unavoidable. If we are not imparting sex education to the children then in a sense we not sharing the harsh realities of life with them which they are bound to encounter at some point in their teen years.

We need to explain to every child what are the body or hormonal changes his or her body is going to be through so that they are better prepared to handle it. During the times of puberty hormones teenagers begin to feel the urge of sexual desires. If no sex education has been imparted to them then they will embark into unchartered waters of fulfilling there sexual desires. As these changes happen without any warning, so they should know that why this is happening.

So what are the aims of sex education?

The major thrust of sex education is upon eradicating the negative outcomes of sexual relationship like unwanted teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease and to uplift the level of morality in the relationship between two persons. 

In my opinion the debate should centre on how the sex education should be imparted. Even there are two schools of thought about this. One believes that the sex education should be imparted at home by parents. Other opinion is that sex education should be a part of school’s curriculum. First group believes that in schools it is not taught how and why youth should try to avoid the sexual intercourse as this leads to the fall of morality in the youth. This can leave permanent mental scars on the minds of the youth involved. Sometimes the scars can be physical also in the form of contacted diseases. Returning to our point schools only teach how to have safer intercourse than how to avoid it.