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Summary case – part 2

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The problem with this state of the art K’Netix system, however, is directly connected with its tremendously high costs or funning. This condition, coupled with the changing business environment of the 21-st century and increasing competition made Bob Buckman and other company directors start questioning the effectiveness and validity of K’Netix. First, the forum usage (one of the backbones’ of Buckamn Lab’s knowledge management) dropped by over 30% after the K’Netix launch in October 1998. Second, “Bob wondered if it made sense to continue to budget 3.5% to 4.5% of revenues each year” (Fulmer 11). Finally, it became strictly unclear how to build and promote employees’ trust in a virtual world.

2. Problem solution

To encourage wide participation, seven sysops offer on- and off-line help to employees and act as traffic cops in the forums. Sysops, a word from the very early years of the Internet, is short for system operators and they were essentially the prototypes for today’s Webmasters. Together, they act as traffic cops for the forums, directing unanswered questions to the right people inside or outside the company and archiving discussions that lead to effective solutions.

The program took time to implement, and is still evolving. One project underway is to bring suppliers more actively into the virtual teams and forums, widening the circle and expanding the network. The program also faced some internal opposition, particularly from middle managers who worried that being tapped as mentors could ultimately threaten their positions. But once they saw how much time they saved by putting their sales staff closer to the customer, they were converted (Fulmer 10-11).

There are ways to encourage cooperation; one is simply to put staff closer together. People working nearer to each other are more likely to share knowledge than those further apart. Obviously daily face-to-face contact makes cooperation more likely, but building knowledge sharing is possible even in the virtual environment. Workers in the same continent, same country, same city and same office are increasingly likely to cooperate as they move along this scale. Cooperation can also be triggered by other similarities such as the same functional expertise.

3. System and decisions evaluation

Buckman succeeded in making communication and knowledge sharing a cornerstone of the corporation’s culture. With this success came many questions, answers, and, most importantly, solutions to customer problems. Buckman’s understanding of the strength of knowledge brings results. “65% of Buckman’s associates were out selling, compared to 16% in 1979; 33% of sales were from products less than five years old, compared to 22% prior to K’Netix; 72% of associates were college graduates, compared to 39% in 1979” (Fulmer 9). This is not just a statistical win, but a bottom-line win as well. In 1998 Buckman won a contract from a cardboard-making company partly because it was able quickly to answer complex questions about old equipment. Within hours of posting their questions, the local Buckman sales team received 10 responses from three continents.

Today’s American Culture or even culture worldwide is laced with sex. It is everywhere in the print media, on television, in the movies and internet. So when youth is faced with sex on a daily basis they can’t avoid the urge to experience it. It is important that they know all the aspects of it. Another point of importance is that sex education should be taught as an independent subject instead of being taught in sync with other subjects like health or personality development. The course will provide knowledge about the sexual health information and would arm them with the will and capability to make independent and strong decisions. Out of all the developed countries maximum rate of teen pregnancy is found in The United States of America and that in the society where there is sex in every form of communication. That implies that youth of USA or developed world is confused about the real message of Sex Education or they are highly ignorant about it. It is all the more important that they are told about abstinence (because that is actually morally and best way), contraception and about healthy sexual relationships. USA has the maximum approval rate from the parents and society as such for imparting the sex education but it is shocking to know that only five percent of the students receive the sex education which is the real reason for the teen pregnancy rate being really high. What they are taught is about only abstinence at home and when they get to have a sexual pleasure they don’t know what to do or how to exercise self control for sex has always been promoted as a thing not to do. It is our responsibility and in the benefit of society worldwide to impart them the knowledge and let them decide on the independent basis whether they want to have sex or not.

When to start the sex education?

To prevent the youth from taking to unprotected sexual intercourse because of being ignorant, sex education should start at the age just before the puberty and before they have started behaving in a particular way. Also another thing that needs to be taken in consideration is the understanding level of the person. Also what matters is who is imparting the sex education. It should not be the person who has got preconceived notions in his mind about sex education and not look at the mentality of the child. It might be possible that teacher might think it to be immoral and unethical to have sex before marriage but person to whom the teacher s imparting might think otherwise. Like for example child might have decided not to get married before 30 years of age but then it might not be possible to hold of the sexual urge till that much time. So teacher should not blindly impose his or her thoughts on the student but instead take a path to understand the students thought process and then answer the youngster accordingly. Teacher should leave anything personal should teach in a way most conducive to the child as a friend. Teacher’s friendly nature will encourage the child to ask him any questions. When the person is really young he should be told how a child grows to different stages of life. This basic knowledge of human body and the life cycle can be used for providing where to get nolvadex the more complex knowledge about sex.


E-Commerce is revolutionizing the way in which an organization thinks, and in particular how an organization bases its future goals and objectives.  An understanding of the critical composition of organizations, and how they develop their strategies, helps to close the gap between e-Commerce and strategic marketing.  An organization strategic planning process helps to cover the vital issues that any new idea may invoke.  This structure helps provide a basis for assessing the impact of e-Commerce and its relationship with marketing strategy.  By understanding the organization as a whole, it becomes clear what initiates strategic development, and thus provides clear reasons why e-Commerce may become prevalent in strategy formulation.  Such an understanding allows the organization to develop e-Commerce strategy that is aligned with the organizations corporate strategies.  Such fundamental comparisons help to control the effect e-Commerce has and will have on modern organizations.

  If organizations gain an understanding of e-Commerce and its relationship to marketing and operational strategies, they will be better ready for future development and technological change.  In order to be competitive in modern business it is imperative that the organization’s corporate strategies are constantly reviewed, and environmental influences addressed.  One of the major shifts in recent years is the technological shift towards the Internet, and as a result e-Commerce. E-Commerce has developed into an enormous aspect of the Internet and organizations have been required to address this in their strategic planning.

  Organizations that are looking towards e-Commerce as a strategic option are met with numerous issues that must be addressed.  Analyzing theories and thoughts on e-Commerce helps to gain a better understanding of how an organization would approach such a strategy.  As with any strategy, many attributes must be considered, and carefully evaluated.  As a fundamental component of strategic planning is to envision future development, perhaps these ideals could be advanced further. As organizations implement their strategic plans in respect to e-Commerce, it must be realized how this will effect other parts of the organizations.  It is also important to understand how society is impacted as a result of their strategic plan.

  Perhaps promoting regular use of computers is affecting the general health of the consumer.  It may seem extreme, but it is reasonable to assume that such ideas require further investigation.  Perhaps the next step in the Internet is total home entertainment, and identification of this early, could lead to a sustainable competitive advantage in e-Commerce.  Or perhaps the introduction of an e-Commerce university degree may be a result of the development of e-Commerce.

  This integrates many key marketing ideals, and is used to coordinate marketing resources to reach the desired targeted markets.  The Marketing strategy is by far the most relevant in measuring the impact of e-Commerce on the marketing strategy formula.  While the upper levels in the hierarchy shapes the direction in which various marketing strategies are planned; it is this level that develops the functional elements of this strategy. (Direct Marketing and e-Commerce sources; Journal of Business and Finance Librarianship; 2004, Vol. 9, Issue 4)

Retailing in e-Commerce

A major shift in the evolution of e-Commerce is its impact on the traditional retailing system; in particular, the shift of intermediaries from the distribution channel.  In theory, the Internet allows manufacturers to sell directly to the consumer, cutting out the traditional ideals of a middleman or intermediary; in other words, "disintermediation".  The evolution of this phenomenon is commonly believed to be the basis for future e-Commerce practices.  When preparing a marketing strategy, an organization must be aware of this shift in e-Commerce practices.  The awareness of how intermediaries fit in the distribution channel is absolutely vital to marketing strategy, and the implications of how this is changing, could have a profound effect on marketing strategy formulation, especially on customer trust in the intermediary mechanism. (Komiak, Sherrie Xiao; Benbasat, Izak (2004); Understanding Customer Trust in Agent-Mediated Electronic Commerce, Web-Mediated Electronic Commerce, and Traditional Commerce; Information Technology and Management; Jan/Apr 2004, Vol. 5, Issue 1/2)

Implementation Issues

The development of websites is fundamentally used to result in some level of revenue or a decrease in the cost.  Revenue is typically based around increase sales, and decrease cost could arise pharmacy nolvadex due to elimination of intermediary forces. (Lichtenthal, J. David (2004); Internet Integration in Business Markets; Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing; 2004, Vol. 11, Issue 1/2)  Therefore the basis for integration into e-Commerce has an effect on financial issues, and may perhaps be the basis for the strategic formulation.  As with almost any strategic plan, there are associated costs that derive, and this is reflected also in e-Commerce.  Such cost could be identified as follows:

·         Connecting to the Internet (Internet Service Provider or ISP)

·         Hardware and software

·         Website and advertising designers

·         Staff to maintain the websites and manage e-mail with customers

Performance monitoring

As with any strategic formulation, e-Commerce requires appropriate performance monitoring to ensure that its place in the organization continues to be consistent with the functional goal and objectives put in place.  This includes ensuring that any adaptation to e-Commerce is monitored, including staff training and awareness.  The use of e-Commerce in an organization must be carefully monitored to ensure that it remains productive, and that they generate some sort of profit.  As well as these functional aspects, it is imperative that the actual strategies that are formulated are constantly reviewed, and future developments are adapted into such strategies.

In contrasts to Hollywood, the marketing techniques and procedures are still not equipped with the state of art ways. In India the cinema industry is considered as the major film industry of the South Asia. The casts and directors are known to all of those who are living in these areas because of the reasons of the language compatibilities and other knowledge about the culture. But this is all they have to offer for marketing (Jess-Cooke, 2009). The movies are run on the casts and not on the stories and themes. People are more attracted towards their heroes than any other thing and this is the only way the marketing takes place. There are no other ways of stating the themes and inspirations. There are no promotional campaigns apart from recently released Ghajini where some new promotional strategies were implemented by Aamir Khan. Otherwise the people don’t access more for the movies on the internet and other places. There are no special interviews that make quite a lot difference in the exposure of the market and therefore the production and marketing budgets are remained at low level. The impact of Hollywood has been inspirational on Bollywood, the Indian Cinema industry (Desai, 2003). Most of the movies that are now made in India are inspired from some movie of Hollywood. Bollywood has tried to implement special effects as well in their approach recently in movies like Krissh where the idea of supernatural hero has emerged as a good paying idea (Parish, 2007). In fact when Krissh was launched in US, it did earn quite a lot dollars as compared to the other Hollywood movies like Superman Returns etc. on Return on Investment basis. Similarly the ideas are also being generated now in the Bollywood to closely relate to those of Hollywood and the recent movie Slumdog Millionaire though was the production of Hollywood it has easily depicted the talents and structure of the Indian Film Industry all around the world (Parish, 2007). Thus it can be very easy to state that in coming years more and more competition might be originating between the two. Moreover, when we look towards the impact of Bollywood on Hollywood, Hollywood seems to be unaffected by anything going on out there in India or any other Asian countries (Desai, 2003). The reasons are quite obvious as the casts of the Hollywood are known around the world. And other they use certain strategies which are of no match by the Bollywood.

Similar is the case with the Chinese and Taiwanese cinema industries which lack in the production capabilities and are unable to generate high returns most of the times (Lu, 2004). Some of the big earners like Jackie Chan and Jet Lee have opted to move to the Hollywood due to the unavailability of the formal resources that could have made them rich in these areas (Lu, 2004).

The structure of Hollywood makes it the leader of the film industry in the world. Whether it is Europe or Asia the market response and the trends that are present in Hollywood are still far from the reach of either movie industry. Hollywood has been able to maintain such an image in the world by creating masterpieces of art and science through their movies and is always highly regarded. For this reason the Hollywood certainly takes the top spot all the time. Indian and other cinema industries still have to work more in order to compete with the expertise of Hollywood where all the persons are professionals and work accordingly with the perfection in mind.

If the decision was made to proceed with the quote using the original information provided by the client, would the writer not be acting ethically?  One may suggest that it is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the information provided to the vendor is carefully reviewed prior to sending.

In this scenario, the writer opted to inform her manager of the client’s error who subsequently alerted the client to resend the information.  One may say that the writer displayed good ethics in this situation by informing the client of their writer.  As one source states, ethical standard do change based on the situation with which a person is faced in conjunction with their personal experiences and beliefs.

Conclusively, it can be determined that the writer made a decision that was rights based.  She thought the customer would have been disadvantaged and her company may have been successful as a result of an unfair practice.  This can be categorized as "good" ethics.

Case study two is a dilemma between a part time co-worker named IF, the office lead, and two full time workers, self-included. IF had the reputation of being an instigator, and made it known, she could not stand her job. IF and the office lead are good friends in and out of the office. Part timer’s duties appear clearly in the employee handbook, which clearly states they are to take payments, and post office payments during their scheduled hours. Included in this handbook are the privacy act responsibilities. She was always on the internet chatting with her friends, arguing with her ex-husbands new girlfriend via email, which she got off the company database, and sending inappropriate photos to us all. In addition to the photos she is constantly playing internet games; a no-no in the code of conducts, yet she made her usage obvious.

In order for the office production to balance out between the three employees, every employee must do their part, whether part or full time. Complaints regarding the conduct of IF went unrecognized. Under normal circumstances, the lead is supposed to notify the supervisor immediately. In this case, the lead brushed it off, and told us we will not be getting any more emails from her. IF flaunted the fact she got off easy, and that it was good to have friends. As employees, we sign a document, stating we will not share, or misuse company property, which includes the office computer.

There is no doubt that the case in CS2 represents a common, unfortunate but nevertheless unacceptable study of very negative and unethical conduct in the workplace. The conduct of IF and the office lead presents the writer with a dilemma, which I suppose would concern what should be the appropriate response on the personal and official levels, by the writer and other staff, to such conduct by a fellow staff and one’s boss.

The marketing procedure of the two is quite different too and the cost of the marketing in the Hollywood are most of the times big budgets. It is also because the US is a supreme marketplace and anything that is marketed has to spend millions just for their mission to reach millions (Marchetti, 2007). The basic way of the marketing is using the television and the premiers which are shown in the cinemas before the start of any movie. Some other marketing techniques are also used when some important personality is tied to the movie cast and the movie title just to make people acknowledge that it will be different movie from the others. Sometimes target market is focused based on the subject of the movies and the possible response that could be achieved. The movies like Star Wars have and Harry Potter series were solely made for the children aged 18 and lower but with the passage of time and with good marketing techniques the response has been generated from all the ages. The hype is created most of the times by advertising in suspense and that clicks on the minds of the people. The movie Titanic is the biggest blockbuster of the Hollywood for all times and had broken records everywhere in the world where the critics on its first show rated this movie not to be able to get the production costs back. But time saw that they didn’t even get their costs back but they have been able to get millions more for a long time. For the most of the times the ideas which are used are the inspirational. Steven Spielberg stated in an interview that for better marketing there has to be a better product and for a better product you must have an inspirational idea (Fleming, 1999). This inspirational idea will make its own success in the market. The promotions that are used in the Hollywood have emerged as another important way of creating a good image. Similarly, the brand management principle also stay fit in the Hollywood market where the actors are basically brands which are publicized and then cashed upon (Fleming, 1999). Another way that is used in the Hollywood is the internet marketing where the internet users watch various trailers, reviews and the interviews before the movie is launched in order to gain what they will be getting (Jess-Cooke, 2009). This makes the Hollywood the better place for the production houses and the casts because they surely get all kinds of exposures in order to meet the marketing needs of the movies.

Identifying the Strategic Options / SWOT analysis

Having provided a situation analysis and environmental analysis, an organization must use the information, in order to implement its strategic plan.  In implementing a strategic plan is it appropriate to identify the four key elements in an organization’s environment. They are: the internal strengths and weaknesses; and the external opportunities and threats (or SWOT analysis).  By matching the organizations resources, and any apparent opportunities it may be possible to conclude an effective match, and hence, a favorable outcome.  These four major environmental factors are important for the organization, and are vital in assessing its strategy in an e-Commerce situation.  E-Commerce provides strategic advantages and disadvantages that have been widely discussed and challenge.  As opportunities and threats can often be unclear, these e-Commerce or Internet advantages or disadvantages pose some interesting questions.

Strategic Advantages / Disadvantages

When we have a comprehensive analysis of the environment in which the organization is in dealing with e-Commerce, we can focus on its influence.  The organization must identify how to use the Internet towards a useful business advantage.  There is a large amount of interesting approaches to achieving such an ideal, and the basic ideals varying across different industries and organizations.  Unless clearly defined objectives are set when approaching e-Commerce, strategic ideals may prove derogatory to an organization. (Moustakas, Evangelos; Ranganathan, C.; Duquenoy, Penny (2006); E-mail marketing at the crossroads: A stakeholder analysis of unsolicited commercial e-mail (spam); Internet Research; 2006, Vol. 16 Issue 1)

While it is obvious that dynamic organizations possess varying attributes, there are some general advantages and disadvantages that e-Commerce offers across all different industries.  As e-Commerce advances at it rapid rate, it is clear that no industry will be exempt from its impact.  Therefore, key issues in its possible uses must be address across all diverse industries.


Advertising on the Internet presents a significant opportunity for an organization to enter the world of e-Commerce.  As part of strategic planning any organization must be ready to develop its brand image and as such, the Internet offers a wide range of opportunities.  Such as the use of billboards in the real world, the Internet can provide ideal locations to further developing their offer.  (Jenog, Miyoung; Choi, Jiyoung (2004); Effects of Picture Presentations on Customers’ Behavioral Intentions on the Web; Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing; 2004, Vol. 17, Issue 2/3)

  Obviously the information received on site hits and relevant user data acquired, helps to focus such ideals towards the appropriate target market.  There are, however many views that Internet advertising will not gain distinctive popularity because of the difficulty in assessing it effectiveness.  Virtual stores are another significant ideal in which strategic planning can base significant interest in, when addressing e-Commerce.  Virtual stores can provide an inexpensive form of direct sales or help to supplement existing sales channels.  By using the Internet, manufacturers are possible to reach the end-consumer without going through intermediaries.  Successful exponents of such strategies are organizations such as, and their success in the distribution of books.  When aligning a strategic plan based around the development of a virtual store, there are some key issues that must be addressed.  As with any strategic development, there are usually threats, and virtual stores pose considerable threats due to intense competition.  In a marketplace such as the Internet, other company can apply huge pressure, perhaps due to a competitive advantage. (Rayport, Jeffrey F.; Jaworski, Bernard J. (2001); Cases in e-Commerce; McGraw-Hill Publishing Co.; I.S. edition)