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Women are traditionally known to have a responsibility of giving care to their homes, their families. It has always been an accepted idea with regards the role of women that they are supposed to prioritize their families since this is the main responsibility that identifies their being. However, as years advance, the role of women in the society also expands. Now, they do not simply stay inside the four walls of their homes. They are now able to take employment outside their homes and they are even able to take responsibilities in the political positions at present. It could not be denied too that even though women are given larger chances of making changes today, they are still able to do all the responsibilities that they are primarily appointed with by womanhood itself (Cantarow, 1980, 13). However, it is undeniable too that most of the women who are working for the society who immediately become social images are noted for their capability of primarily coming up with the possibilities of performing their social responsibilities. On the other hand though, it is also a downside of the situation when they are not able to perform the major responsibility that they have upon their families. It is undeniable that because of the many responsibilities that they are trying to handle, they are usually too much tied up to even attend to their children or their husbands at that. (Cantarow, 1980, 14)

Even though this is the situation, women are still given the finest chance to perform their duties to their families and their society in a balanced process (Cantarow, 1980, 16). It is undeniable that through this, they are to be noted for being able to give the values of their families and their societies in a balanced way, thus becoming the best of themselves, giving their time and sacrificing themselves for the good of the welfare of others. Yes, it is not only in Algeria, but around the world that women today are recognized as major parts of the society taking part on the most important dealings of the human generation and directly makes great changes in the human history as well.

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Linking the women’s roles in the FLN to Karla Cunningham’s three phases of women using the veil as a strategic device in the battle of Algerian independence from France

As a sign of not following through the preemptive steps of the French people to control the country, women decided to burn their veils symbolizing that they and their people should be granted the freedom that they deserve. Through this particular practice of burning the veil, the Algerian nationals intended to accept the fact that freedom could be observed and expected if certain measures of movements towards the said aim of independence are taken into consideration by the people as a whole. It is only through uniting together that they could be able to find the best ways possible that would free them off the controls of the French government. Yes, that unveiling of the Algerian women motivated many people of the country to push through with the aim of considering freedom as a major source of power for the people.


Т With the history of the Algerian womenт�s involvement on the battle that the country needed to undergo, the changes by which the women performed their roles for the society was rather evolutionary that suggests the importance of their existence in the country. This particular fact is mirrored not only in Algeria but around the world as well. There are numerous women who have been making the human society progressive towards a better future: whether in political terms, in social development issues, in educational advancements as well as with moral stratification strategies that are present in the human communities today. With these particular differences set in concentration with making the human society more conducive in receiving the best possible changes needed for the progress that humans particularly expect in life (Anderson, 2003, 27). However, making a difference is not an easy responsibility to take into consideration, especially with that of women who are expected to complete several responsibilities to their families and their selves as well (Anderson, 2003, 21). The question raising the issues then is that of how are they able to perform all the responsibilities that shape their existence within the society and their role as glue-holders of their families?

Т  As earlier mentioned, there are numerous women who are known for social service that actually affects the development of the entire human communities today (Anderson, 2003, 15). Among the said women are Hillary Clinton and the late Mother Theresa. There are still others, however their names are too numerous to be listed herein. However, no matter how individually different they may be, they all have the same performing practices in terms of facing the responsibilities that they have upon the societyт�s values and their own aspirations in making great changes in life. (Anderson, 2003, 14)

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Physicians in United States are concerned about the health and well being of the patients. Both the patients and physicians expect that medicine, which will do the job effectively, with fewer side effects and at a price that everyone can afford. To do so, price cuts and re-import would be the best solution. Price cuts would prompt a large rise in consume of needed medications.

Besides these steps, there is some other strategy that also should be implemented. If the policy makers want to do the task easier, they can implement the following suggestions:-

Formulation: Formulary information should be available to physicians. It can be done through making all federal pharmacy plan formularies available into central location. Different types of formularies are the cause of high drugs cost. As one policy does not match with another policy, that

The following table shows the Percent change in manufacturer prices in 2004 for rheumatology-related drugs in the top 25 brand-name prescription drugs (Rheumawire News, 2005).

Drug trade name and dose


% change in manufacturer prices

Fosamax 70 mg



Lipitor 10 mg



Lipitor 20 mg









Protonix 40 mg



Nexium 40 mg



Actonel 35 mg

Proctor and gamble


Pravachol 40 mg

Bristo-myers squibb


Pravachol 20 mg

Bristo-myers squibb


Evista 60 mg



Lipitor 40 mg



Toprol xl 50 mg



Zocor 20 mg



But however, may be for this reason, many Americans turn a critical eye on these pharmaceutical companies, thinking that these companies have been profiteering from the peoples for years illegally. One of the reasons is that, they have to pay over twice as much as their European counterparts for the same prescription drugs. This fact has led many to complain against United States for subsidizing European health care.

The increased inability of a growing number of patients to pay for prescribed drugs has important effect for population health care and health system costs. Prescription noncompliance is relevant to upper levels of emergency department admissions. Failure to get prescribed drugs can have serious health consequences for the people and substantial economic consequences for society.

An estimated 16.6 million Americans reported being unable to purchase a prescribed medication in 2002 (WSU Magazine, 2004). So, this number has a great political significance as well as economical significance. If such prescription noncompliance leads to undesirable health outcomes and unaffordable health service cost, then surely the economic effect would be substantial. So, from the social, political and economical point of view it is to be said as one of the most controversial problem for general American population.

What is the overall economic effect of this situation it represents? High price of new prescription drugs is the cheapest against rising overall medical expenses. The correlation between change in drug use and costs and other medical services and costs needs to be realized.

During the period of 1990-1998, real per capita expenditure on prescription drugs in the U.S. increased by 84% (Okunade, 2002). In the beginning of 1993, average annual percentage increase in prescription drug spending exceeded the overall percentage increase in national health expenditure (Okunade, 2002). According to estimation, prescription drug spending by the Medicare population is increasing and will be $445 billion by 2012. In 1990, only $40.3 billion was spent on prescription drugs, compared to these large amounts. In 2000, $140.8 billion was spent by both public consumers and private consumers. In 2001 it increases by 21 billion more to $161.8 billion. In 2002, the consumption on prescription drugs jumped to $179.2 billion. But by the time of 2015, it would be $720 billion.


So, it’s a huge cost for any sector and government is concern for increasing prescription drug costs. Because from the economic perspective, it can be said that inadequate drug coverage can lead to financial destruction for individuals. The report surveyed by the Kaiser family foundation and the Harvard school of public health, says that 1 out of 10 Americans has spent $1000 or more direct out of pocket on prescription drugs. But, by 2010, more than 15% of annual expenditure on personal health care will be spent only on prescription drugs. This percentage was 9% in the year 1999 (Berger, et al., 2001) 9.4% in 2000 (Cowper, et. al., 2004).

The idea of empowering the youths through member organizations is a very good idea because I will know my contribution to the public policy and how this policy impacts my life. It also makes me understand which public policy affects me and which public office I will to find the services I need. Looking at the empowerment value of these organizations is one often greatest value that the young generations the so called future leaders of our country needs.

Lastly, the education value is another value which is pursued by this organization that is extremely valuable to me because I am able to get books which are being circulated by this organization and this enables me to study and understand the issue that affects day to day life. The guidebook provided by this organization is no doubt one of the best books that should be considered by many young and old in making decisions in relations to the political government they should have.

The organizations focuses on educating, empowering, energizing the public. This is because you cannot energize, empower a person who does not know his rights or what he wants from the public administration. You ought to educate a person in relations to what he expects from public policy and how his or her actions expect the public. Once this person is educated on what his public policy, what is expected of him and what is expected on his public then this person will be empowered. Empowerment is giving somebody an ability to make decisions on any activity where he is involved. At the same time, empowerment in this organization involved many youth forums volunteered my many organizations which ensures that the youths find necessary forums to make decisions.  Once somebody is empowered he will need to be energized. And energizing the youth is by bringing various stakeholders together to educate these young generations on various issues. Without this kind of forum this country will have failed policies because the public does not information of what is required of them.

Looking at this organization, one will be persuaded to believe that the organization is not only doing good to the people of organization but also creating democratic space in the United States of America. When you look at the organizations missions’ statement, it is no doubt what the Americans require. Americans require education on public policies. They also require information on how they can impact public policy. Looking at the recent happening which could have been avoided if proper issues were dealt with at public forums. Most Americans were against the war in Iraq. However, because the organization had not taken look all over the country the people complained and they did not know where to channel their complaints, this is why they have the current financial crisis. The principle of democracy is that all members of the society have equal access to power and all members enjoy generally recognized freedom and liberties. Although this is presumed to be existing in United States of America because the people choose and replace government, the participate in political activities, there is protection of human rights and rules of law apply to all but looking critically active participation is the key question here after electing the leader what is the role? Do we give him the four years without checking his activities? This organization I believe its giving me this opportunity nolvadex to scrutinize the roles played by our leaders after we have given them power. The political detainees in the name of prisoners of war from Afghanistan and Iraq are treated in de-human which is against the basic human right which our country purports to protect then is it that our participation ends after election? The answer is no.

From the foregoing discussion, I am of the opinion that this organization is good for democracy in the United States and most of all people in America should donate to this organization to make it powerful to be able to disseminate information to the young generation.

Outrages facts about the pharmaceutical industry

                  Profitable business: pharmaceutical industry claims that it’s a high risk business. But the fact is that year after year this industry is earning higher profit than any other industry.

                  Innovative drugs: this industry claims to be innovative to produce new and better drugs for health, but only a small fraction of its new production are truly innovative. In 2002, approved by FDA, only 17 out of 78 drugs contained new active ingredients and 7 were just the improvement of existing products.

                  Me-too drugs: the most profitable drugs are not better than the existing products. There is no reason to believe that the new drugs are better than the previous one.

                  Research done at elsewhere: most of the innovative drugs usually stem from research done at university or government labs.

                  Spending cost: only 14 percent of revenues earned by the drug industry is spent on R&D for so called new innovative drugs and 31 percent on marketing and administration. The industry claims that it requires $802 million each new drug to bring to the market. But it is not true, because the independent analysis says that the actual figure is a small fraction of the amount.

                  No drug cost regulation: The U.S. is the only advanced country that has no drug cost regulation in some way. Other countries in Europe spend only half as much for the same drugs in U.S.

                  Lobby: Compared to the other industry, the pharmaceutical industry has the biggest lobby in Washington, with more than elected representatives. They contribute a large amount to political campaign to get the advantages in favor for them.

                  Persuading people: to increase sales, this industry persuades the public in wealthy countries that they are suffering from such and such conditions that they need long-term treatment.

Every year United States has to spend a huge amount of money for prescription drugs. The spending on prescription drugs is increasing rapidly. The increased rate of expenditure from 1987 to 1994 is by 12% and from 1994 to 2000 is by 12.9% (Berndt, 2002, p. 47 & Bond, 2003). But this increase in expenditure has been a matter of great concern for the businesses, consumers, economic policymakers. Unfortunately the reasons for increasing are widely misunderstood by the politicians as well as by the general publics. What the politicians think that the price of drug is increasing is not always true. Another reason behind increasing drug cost is the increase in the consumption. is an organization which is networking persons by offering education related to their civil rights with an aim of empowering and energizing the young generation in order for them to engage themselves in political participation in the Unites States. This organizations main aim is to ensure there is political change how things are done in the country by bringing in new people to the limelight. This organization is of value to many millennium generations. It provides information to all the members who have joined. Joining the organization only requires nothing as it is a non-governmental non-profit making organization.

This organization has many objectives and values tat are to only important to me but too many people in this country. One of the objectives is to educate the young generation about leadership and to mobilize them to be able to adopt change. The main aim in this is to ensure the young generation moves forward and there is change in the way things are done in this country. The education on how public policy affects the live of young people and how people can impact on public policy is very important.

This brings in the objective of change by the people knowing how public policy impacts on their life and how they can impact on public policy innovative solutions will come up because it involves many people as they deliberate joint issues publicly a contribution of each members becomes a innovative idea. This public forum where millennia generation deliberate are institutionalized by This improves governance in the public life. The other goal of energizing and empowering the young generation is important to me and to my youths because I will be able to participate in public issues which affect my day to day life and more so take day to day action when political leaders fail us. Through these forums created many youths are able to understand political issues and are able to make informed judgment in relations to decisions that affects their lives. These can be observed from the recent political campaigns where citizens were able to look at policies that are volunteered by various political players. With proper information from this organization the current economic condition in the United States could have been avoided because the events that led to it were political and economic policies which failed if they were brought to the table and discussed that could have been avoided. This makes the organizations more important than ever as the current and future political leaders are likely to make decisions which do not affect the United States but the world at large.

The values that are pursued by this organizations are extremely very important to me take for instance the value of energizing where people in colleges and high school come together, discuss issues  relating to the constitutions, correct views and how to create strong institutions. This improves my understanding on democracy in my country as well as it brings together students communities, entrepreneurs and political leaders together where ideas are shared./ this indeed is what America is looking for to make the voter outside there understand how he should be governed. Also to make sure that the young people in colleges get an opportunity to mix with people from the business world. This does not only open up the mind of the American world but ensures the prosperity of the country.