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Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) He was an Austrian composer and an important personality who influenced on Mozart and Beethoven. Up to the period of Franz Joseph Haydn the music was not a luxury but from them it become as somewhat luxury. He was much creative on the work of music and most time was ... ->

The existence of music can be categorized within six major periods i.e. Middle Age, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th century. The music style has been changed from era to era. Out of the other eras, the classical era can be described as 1750-1825. The era meant for industrial rev... ->

What is it about later Roman society that that makes the influence of the Etruscans important and so relevant? ·         475 BC Etruscans threaten Rome with war. Rome forced to draw soldiers from the Plebs. Frist opportunity fo them to refuse until Senate... ->

The world of the ancient civilizations that grew up in the first millennium BC legacy of Rome -          The Greek temple form was adopted by the Romans and used extensively throughout the Empire. As a public work it took the symbol of democracy. - ... ->

They were a people whose direct whose direct influence  had much direct impact on the city’s early development. The Etruscans first established a series of small city-states in the northern and central areas of the Italian peninsula, ruling the native Italic people. Then the Etruscans came to ... ->

The epoch of Roman rule remains to this day one unsurpassed in history. From a simple farming community in Latium to one of the largest, most sophisticated and durable empires the world had yet seen, it built a monumental legacy which still endures in Western civilization today. One of the most sign... ->

In contrasts to Hollywood, the marketing techniques and procedures are still not equipped with the state of art ways. In India the cinema industry is considered as the major film industry of the South Asia. The casts and directors are known to all of those who are living in these areas because of th... ->

The marketing procedure of the two is quite different too and the cost of the marketing in the Hollywood are most of the times big budgets. It is also because the US is a supreme marketplace and anything that is marketed has to spend millions just for their mission to reach millions (Marchetti, 2007... ->