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(Look at our custom written essay samples. Essay service) Recommendations Physicians in United States are concerned about the health and well being of the patients. Both the patients and physicians expect that medicine, which will do the job effectively, with fewer side effects and at a price that... ->

The following table shows the Percent change in manufacturer prices in 2004 for rheumatology-related drugs in the top 25 brand-name prescription drugs (Rheumawire News, 2005). Drug trade name and dose Manufacturer % change in manufacturer prices Fosamax 70 mg Merck 6.7 Lipitor 1... ->

But, recently prescription drug users are becoming price sensitive due to global financial crisis. May be for that reason, 20% of prescription drug users cited price as a reason for switching retailers in January 2009, which is up from 16% in 2008 (Medical News Today, 2009). Consumers say they are s... ->

But however, may be for this reason, many Americans turn a critical eye on these pharmaceutical companies, thinking that these companies have been profiteering from the peoples for years illegally. One of the reasons is that, they have to pay over twice as much as their European counterparts for the... ->

Since the drug cost has been increased, it is affecting the health care as well as economy of the country. The high cost of prescription drugs has made it difficult for many low-earned people to afford medications their doctors recommend though they deserve an affordable drug benefits. There is lack... ->

The economic system of medical products and services are different from other products and services in the market. When health care costs fall then consumers use more of it. In 1980, around 66 percent of spending on drugs came out from patient’s pocket. Now that percentage is 30. Actually rising d... ->

Outrages facts about the pharmaceutical industry                   Profitable business: pharmaceutical industry claims that it’s a high risk business. But the fact is that year after year this industry is earn... ->

Pharmaceutical industry’s traditional viewpoints The pharmaceutical industry shows several reasons behind high drug price. One of them is the increase of consumption. For example, Due to an increase in drug prices, over half of the drug expenditure increased in the time between 1987 and 1994. The ... ->