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In the paper that follows, understanding how women were actually able to play a great role in the middle of the stance they have towards the fight that they are in against the French government and its oppressing tactics in the country during the war years shall be considerably discussed. Through the use of presenting the history that lead to these changes, the paper shall revolve in identifying the key responsibilities of the women, thus giving recognition to their contribution to the winning of Algerian freedom from the war years.


The war years that bounded the Algerian freedom had been established in the year 1954 and were later on ended in the year 1962. This phase of the Algerian history notes the different issues that existed within the said community before and how these issues were given careful attention so as to assure that Algeria and its people would be free again. Believing in the capability of the people to create their own ways in dealing with the issues of war occurring in the country, several groups were created to control the situation and at least ease the major national pain being dealt with by the people. The belief that the strife should stop especially to protect the values of the innocent ones had been spurred among many group leaders in the history of Algeria giving way to the establishment of the Algerian People’s Party which later on gave birth to a branched organization of the National Liberation Front or the FLN.

What FLN is about is based on the willingness and rather a demand of the people to be free from the grasp of the French government during the 1950’s. The idea that Algeria belongs to the Algerians continued to echo the defense that the FLN organization naturally use to motivate themselves to continue the fight that they have began. This group was rather considered to be one of the most important organizations that existed in the country that aimed for the larger benefit that could be garnered by the larger part of the population that composed the Algerian country. Believably, the people of Algeria knew that they were there to fight for their country and to regain what they lost to the wars from the oppressors who want to have more of their country while enslaving the people of nation.

From the Revolutionary Committee of Unity and Action (CRUA), the establishment of the FLN was realized. The unbelievable willingness and serious stand of the people to stand for what they believe is true and to fight for those that they strongly believe to be theirs has fueled the identifiable values of the group which FLN members recognized as the core source of their motivation to continue the legacy of fighting for what is right.

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